Friday, 25 Nisan, 5784
  |  May 3, 2024

Gang of 4 Teenagers Attack and Harass in Crown Heights

A gang of four teenagers attacked 2 Jewish boys in Crown Heights on Sunday evening. They later harassed a couple and a woman walking alone. NYPD and Shomrim asked for the public's help in identifying them. Full Story, Video

CBS News Reports on Chabad’s War Efforts in Moldova

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Rochel Goodman, 2 Months, OBM

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Hate NYC
January 16, 2023 5:02 pm

Get out of NYC ASAP

January 16, 2023 5:27 pm

You guys voted for this administration , now live with it .

You Did
Reply to  Boruch
January 16, 2023 11:56 pm

Speak for yourself.

What a bogus argument
Reply to  Boruch
January 19, 2023 9:55 am

“You voted for Biden, you must be happy with the price of eggs today.”
I didn’t and I’m not.
If someone wins an election that means no one voted against them? That everyone is happy with the results? You think no one here was trying to get rid of this administration? The race was surprisingly close, which showed that the democrats were not expecting so many people to vote against Hochul.

Ma Rabbi
January 16, 2023 5:29 pm

Those 4 punks need a good beating then they will learn to leave Jews alone.

Why has this become normal??
January 16, 2023 5:42 pm

It’s not. This DOESN’T HAPPEN in Boro Park Williamsburg or Flatbush.

In know
Reply to  Why has this become normal??
January 16, 2023 7:17 pm

It happens more often there than here. You just don’t hear about it.

Shomrim, NYPD
Reply to  Why has this become normal??
January 16, 2023 7:20 pm

There needs to be more often patrol, especially when it’s dark outside

January 16, 2023 5:46 pm

When you are dealing with a group of four thugs it shouldn’t be that hard to find at least one of them. Once one of them is caught that should lead to the rest.

But catching them is a minor issue. Having them face any consequence in such a liberal city is going to be the main difficulty.

Beat them….
Reply to  Schmerel
January 17, 2023 12:55 am

My father used to say that when your friend starts up with you hit back where it hurts…,
If this works great in OT and Lubavitch Yeshiva why shouldn’t it work out there as well…obviously when done in the right time and place

Shomrim doing what they do best!
January 16, 2023 5:47 pm

It’s always impressive how quickly Shomrim Volunteers respond. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Reply to  Shomrim doing what they do best!
January 16, 2023 11:12 pm

Friends, Dont forget to send your maaser to SHOMRIM/SHMIRA. They are there for us night and day. They give of their time and put their own safety in the line. They rely and need our donations big or small. Radios, gas for their cars. Please consider giving them a donation even if it is just for one time. Call them they will happily pick up your donation. I Have done it a few times.

This is War
January 16, 2023 5:54 pm

Time to take necessary action and deal with this pure garbage lowlifes scumbags the way they deserve and understand, same language eye for a eye we are not afraid or intimidated when provoked or attacked. ENOUGH

Stake out
January 16, 2023 5:55 pm

Keep eyes on that block the next few days. The attackers are not getting new coats…

Out of Hand
Reply to  Stake out
January 16, 2023 7:29 pm

Good idea, especially the coat with one yellow colored sleeve and one red colored sleeve. That shouldn’t be too hard to spot

Knock out these Nazis
Reply to  Stake out
January 16, 2023 8:47 pm

If you find them send them to the hospital. Don’t call police

Than they want to know why people are racist
January 16, 2023 5:56 pm

Look at their communities, Not A Word from anyone, full quiet support ALL GUILTY

You are desensitized.
Reply to  Than they want to know why people are racist
January 16, 2023 6:49 pm

Racism isn’t okay and shouldn’t be justified. How do we judge people based off of their complexion? Think about what you’re saying.

Correct-Racism against US is not Justified
Reply to  You are desensitized.
January 16, 2023 11:48 pm

Now go back to your basement.

Reply to  You are desensitized.
January 17, 2023 8:20 am

Then you better go talk to the black community, because that’s where you’ll find the biggest racists. Anti-white, anti-Asian, etc.

Reply to  You are desensitized.
January 17, 2023 10:12 am

If we judge our neighbors according to a few bad apples, understandably this is triggering to hear this once again, how are we ever going to change narrative. This is not a new story but we cant we cant do business as usual ie ‘old school,’
We need to reach out to our neighbors and dialogue and and elected officials to speak out on it.

Reply to  You are desensitized.
January 17, 2023 1:21 pm

They are being judged on their actions not skin color.
It just happens that hight rates of these horrific aggressive actions is being perpetrated from a certain segment. It’s called “generalizing”. Which comes from overwhelming numbers.
The leaders of that community are not doing their job. If they would we would see a decrease instead of an increase in these types of incidents

Address the problem
January 16, 2023 6:20 pm

No!! One should not feel the need to run away. Where are the police?? Why are these things getting away with despicable behavior?

We need new representatives
January 16, 2023 6:32 pm

Time for new elections for vaad hakohl

Out of Hand
January 16, 2023 6:34 pm

Is it my imagination or is it becoming an everyday occurrence that Jews are being beat up in the streets of Crown Heights? Seems like these hoodlums have no fear of consequences

Reply to  Out of Hand
January 16, 2023 11:07 pm

Where does it say it happens every day? Why do you need to exaggerate?

Reply to  MendelB
January 17, 2023 12:01 am

“Out of hand” wrote “everyday occurrence” which does not mean that it happens every day necessarily. It means that it is not uncommon or shocking. And sadly it is out of hand. No exaggeration!!

January 16, 2023 6:49 pm

CHJCC Boxing Classes For Boys,Teens,Men.
Practice How To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones.718 288 2947
899 Montgomery

Self Defense
Reply to  NOW IN CH
January 16, 2023 9:27 pm

Boxing? How about Jujitsu?
How about girls learning how to defend themselves and their families.

so organise it
Reply to  Self Defense
January 17, 2023 10:43 am

always kvetching when someone initiates something, if you feel something is lacking, take care of it, stop waiting around.

Yes there's a class
Reply to  Self Defense
January 17, 2023 4:02 pm

There’s are Krav Maga self defense classes for both men and women in crown heights. By Guardian Self Defense.

Does anyone have an answer?
January 16, 2023 7:32 pm

What is a realistic response?


1. Move out of NYC?
2. Hire ex- IDF or US military to secure the neighborhood?
3. Elect a Vaad Hakol Laser focused on security?
4. Charge a resident tax to pay Shomrim and Shmira for enhanced shifts?
5. Pay private investigators to locate perps shown on security footage?
6. Wake ourselves up and realize that the status quo is not working?
7. Mass distribution of legal self defense tools?

PS. At the very least, let’s stop voting Tammany Hall.

The local climate has become inhospitable to put it mildly.

Undercover Agents Dressed as Chassidim
Reply to  Does anyone have an answer?
January 16, 2023 9:29 pm

Undercover agents can be useful in trapping these groups.

Great Idea
Reply to  Undercover Agents Dressed as Chassidim
January 17, 2023 10:19 am

This was an actual program they had years ago. I forget the person’s name who headed it. It was years ago. Does anyone have the link to the article which told about it. I used to have the link to the webpage. I think it was during the Koch administration, and it was in CH. Publish link ‘?

They will not be admitted to jail
Reply to  Does anyone have an answer?
January 16, 2023 10:19 pm

Police catch them and release same day and they know it and it’s a joke. The system is rotten. Soon there will be warm outside and more incidents like that – we need to keep them busy with something else, the DOE AND POLICE have funds to make their school day long to keep them away from crime. Their anger comes from their home, we can’t change that, they still blame Jews and hate us, unfortunately, they see us as their enemies and easy targets. They respect only ones who are stronger or if there is a law or fine.… Read more »

Baseball bats
January 16, 2023 7:58 pm

Walk around with baseball bats or pointy sharp umbrellas. Give them what they deserve

Eric gonzalez
January 16, 2023 8:17 pm

I know that brooklyn da eric gonzalez is a friend of the askanim so if these perps are caught he’ll take it seriously

Out of NYC
January 16, 2023 8:29 pm

There is antisemitism happening all over

Knock out these Nazis
January 16, 2023 8:45 pm

Where I live in Chicago there are many Assyrian’s living along side the frum yidden. It’s not all the best neighborhood. They don’t bother the Jews but there are all sorts of minority groups in the area and they have a posing gangs etc. Across the street from the Lubavitcher Shull Bnei Reuvein, there used to be an Assyrian convenience store. A few years back in middle of Maariv a couple of Assyrian gang members were shot fatally in their car parked in front of the convenience store. Within moments before the police arrived the Assyrian store owners wiped clean… Read more »

Apt Building Cameras
January 16, 2023 8:48 pm

I always hear about crime on Albany Ave. How bout checking the cameras at Albany Housing Projects and the cameras on the streets close to it.

Beware of kids wearing covid-19 face masks outside when they dont need them except to disguise themselves.

Hebrew Hammer

There are cameras but the police ignore it
Reply to  Apt Building Cameras
January 16, 2023 11:50 pm

We need to bring in higher level people.

Large groups of teens on Albany every day
January 16, 2023 10:26 pm

There is large group of teens going on Albany down I guess from the school on st marks & troy down Albany pass Lefferts park.
Maybe these 4 are part of it

Reply to  Large groups of teens on Albany every day
January 16, 2023 11:14 pm

These thugs need to be chased with a baseball bat so they learn Just as it happened a few years ago on east new york ave. A jew took out his bat to teach them. They couldn’t even pull up their pants fast enough to run.

Ask the administration via cops?
Reply to  Large groups of teens on Albany every day
January 17, 2023 11:53 am

Since these are schoolboys returning from school, locate the school, get politicians (?) SOMEBODY with authority, to return to school, get principal, and perps family involved, make a racket-,get press involved??

Reply to  Large groups of teens on Albany every day
January 17, 2023 3:12 pm

remember it is illegal to profile minority youth, as no evidence exists that they are more likely to commit crime rather it is disparate impact policing that results in such youth getting arrested, its all a legacy of Americas institutional racism

Wearing masks
January 16, 2023 11:44 pm

Wearing masks in the commission of a crime in order to hide yourself should come with extra charges. These cowards can be identified by the police.. if they bother to do anything about it. If the boys had carried peeper spray they would have been able to defend themselves against these older and more numerous cowards. Of course the antisemitic police will arrest any Jew who defends themself but better than that then the alternative.

The one and only way to deal with this-PUBLICIZE
January 16, 2023 11:51 pm

Get it into any and all news stations that still have some integrity. Fox once or twice publicized a string of hate crimes in our community. Let them do it again.

January 16, 2023 11:55 pm

Is the fact that the police go after Jews who defend themselves, and that keeps us victims. At the same time it seems like they either don’t arrest or give their own false evidence in the police reports. I assure you that if the thugs had reason to fear the victims there would be no victims. Right now they see us as an easy target and the reason is – admit it- we are afraid to defend ourselves. This is what needs to change now.

All may need to carry pepper spray
January 17, 2023 12:53 am

All may need to carry pepper spray

January 17, 2023 1:15 am

It all depends who your neighbors are. Fifty years ago Boro park was very unsafe. Half of Boro park was Italian and the other side Puerto Rican. Every Friday night Italian youth would drive around throwing things at Jews from their cars. What changed. Two things. Boro park became overloaded with a Chassidic population and these Italian anti semites got some heavy beatings. The second thing that happened is that a hundred fifty thousand Chinese moved around Boro park. Chinese are nice people. They work and don’t bother Jews. You need to bring in five million Chinese to New York.… Read more »

Anti-Semitism is not confined to one race
January 17, 2023 10:40 am

It is indeed appalling, that after Jews
did so much for civil-rights causes, this
is how they pay us back. Disgusting!
Like, “Bite the hand that feeds you.”

However, in recent years, the most murderous
anti-Semitic crimes were committed by white-supremacists,

Not sure about that
Reply to  Anti-Semitism is not confined to one race
January 17, 2023 4:07 pm

It’s not accurate to say that the low class thugs that live around us represent all of black culture and opinion. I grew up around black people in Baltimore and had quite a different experience. If you go to Manhattan or Williamsburg and meet black people there, I’m sure it will be a different style encounter.

January 17, 2023 5:13 pm

Need to start a movement that advocates APRTD:
Always Prepared Ready To Do

Anti semitic young people...
January 18, 2023 10:09 pm

are taught how to be hateful by anti semitic adults who blame whites, and Jews in particular, for their own weaknesses. that weakness being the lack of motivation to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Then, to add icing on the cake, they get reinforcement from characters that call themselves “leaders” like the very un”Reverend” Al Sharpton and Obama’s “Reverend” Wright, who delivers sermon after sermon badmouthing whites and Jews.(of course most of the time he calls them Israelis, not Jews, but that’s just a code name as everyone knows.) A note to our black neighbors: Jews and Blacks… Read more »

Yakov Golem
January 20, 2023 5:22 pm

It’s not the color it’s the culture..
Sad culture of thuggery robbery drugs glorified by their idols on music and TV etc.

Ye West just super charged focus on Yidden.
תודה רבה שלום

February 19, 2023 8:53 pm

this is what I’ve been working out for